How Is Your Storage Performance?

Have you ever wondered how the performance of your storage subsystem compares to that of others? You may know how many IOs per second your subsystem does, or how many megabytes per second of data it delivers, but how does that compare to other subsystems in other IT shops?

Scatter plot of IO Rate and Datarate
The IO Rate and Response Time scatter plot shows IO rates from about 2,000 IO/sec to 200,000 IO/sec, and response times ranging from a fraction of a millisecond to about 15 msec of response time. Where might your subsystem fall in this space? Let’s look at datarates next.

Scatter Plot of Datrate and Response Time
This scatter plot shows datarates from less than 100 MB/sec to well over 2000 MB/sec, and response times from a fraction of a millisecond to about 60 msec per IO. There is a trend in this data that correlates higher datarates with higher response times.


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